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Consultant company “City Estate” Ltd. is established in 2004 as a natural continuation of “Land Trading” Ltd. – a company of many years` experience in the real estates. The company management has experience of over 15 years in real estates deals and project management.

Activity of “City Estate” Ltd. is focused on the management of projects and investments in real estates, selection and valuation of suitable plots for investment, forecasting of profitability, planning retail networks, re-zoning, co-ordination procedures, preparation of a complete set of building documents.

Company steady position in severe competition in the country is due to the good organized and structured activity, precisely kept professional ethics, exact definition of clients’ needs and expectations and their realization.

Impruving staff qualification and motivation, permanent marketing research of the clients’ needs and offering highest quality services in real estate is the main accent of City Estate management.
We are confident that in the present conditions of dynamic business, only a well-trained team of professionals will lead to a faster and effective realization of the client’s investment programme

Our history, present and future, strictly kept accepted principles are the guarantees for the project realization:
  • Thinking about successful realization of our clients’ business
  • Keeping deadlines and fixed budget
  • uncompromising attitude to the service quality
  • permanent staff training
  • constructive policy in the relationships with our competitors
  • commitment to the Society where we live and work

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Gueshevo str. 83, Business Center Serdika, Building 1, Office 312 A, Sofia 1379
Tel.: (+ 359 2) 421 08 24
Fax: (+ 359 2) 421 08 24